Maintaining a Safe Septic System

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3 Signs Your Septic Tank Needs To Be Cleaned

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Your septic tank holds the wastewater from your entire household. The tank needs to be emptied at some point, as it cannot hold the wastewater for your entire lifetime. Eventually, you have to have this tank emptied. You cannot solely rely on a time frame, as you may use more water throughout some parts of the year, or you may have more or less waste as well. There are other signs to rely on that may indicate that your tank needs to be emptied. Read on for some of these signs. 

1. Odors

Your septic tank will eventually smell if it's too full. The tank can smell out in your yard when you're outside, or you may be able to smell it from inside of your home. If you are smelling foul odors either inside your home or outside of your home, you should have your tank inspected and then emptied as necessary. You shouldn't smell the odors from the septic tank, so if you can smell them, it may have an issue that needs to be addressed.

2. Backups

You could have backups in your home, or the beginnings of a backup in your home. If you hear gurgling in your home, or you have water or waste coming back up into your drains, it may be a sign that your septic tank needs to be emptied. Your tank can only hold so much waste and liquid, so if there is too much in it, eventually all of that waste is going to need to go somewhere. It's going to need to be emptied before you have a major mess on your hands.

3. Clogs

Your septic system could have a clog in it somewhere and may need to be emptied and cleaned out. Your septic tank may get clogged with anything from toilet paper that is too thick, feminine products, or even grease and oils that all do not belong in your septic system. If you have clogs, you need to have your tank cleaned out by a professional septic cleaning company. Using products not safe for septic tanks can cause damage to your entire system.

If you have any of these signs with your septic tank or your septic system, your tank may need to be emptied and cleaned. Hire a professional septic cleaning company to do this work for you and inspect your septic system to prevent any major problems.

To learn more about septic tank cleaning, reach out to a local service provider.