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Portable Restroom Options For Campgrounds In Transition

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Purchasing abandoned campsites and updating them is a popular income option for many people. With the rise of off-grid living, tiny house travel, and van living the need for campgrounds is increasing. Buying an abandoned campground to renovate can leave you without basic amenities for your guests for a bit. If one of the amenities you need deals with restrooms and showers, you may have more options than you think. Here are some of the portable restrooms you should consider if your campground is ready, but your shower and bathroom house are not. 

Restroom Shower Combos

One of the leading options for portable restrooms where campgrounds are concerned is a restroom shower combo. These combos offer many of the same luxuries that a shower house building would offer. Your campers can use the area for quick showers, bathroom needs, washing their hands, are other daily hygiene tasks. This is ideal if you have a campsite that caters to people who live a van lifestyle or travel with limited amenities like showers. You will need a primary water source for these combos. The septic service is generally a collection tank that can be emptied on a routine basis. 

Portable Handicapped Restrooms

When you are considering portable restrooms, a portable handicapped restroom option is vital. Many of the styles for this type of portable restroom have been larger portable options with a ramp. There has been a development to these restrooms. Now, many have ramps as well as much larger bathroom facilities with handicapped-accessible bars as well as sinks and even showers, should you choose a combo. These types of portable restrooms are vital to your campsite as many of your travelers will be seniors or retirees. 

Portable Family Restrooms

There are many families that have chosen to sell their homes, buy campers or recreational vehicles, and start traveling the country. These families may have children of a variety of ages. These families may appreciate you having a portable shower, restroom, and combination facilities. However, what they may appreciate more is the ability to use a family restroom. If there are little ones that can not go to the bathroom on their own, a portable family restroom is something to consider. 

These are a few of the portable restroom options that are now available. You are not just limited to traditional portable restroom options anymore. If you want to move forward with the idea of using these temporarily for your campsite, contact your local portable restroom rental service. They can discuss the options available and answer any questions you have.