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Experiencing One Or More Plumbing Issues? What Homeowners Need To Know About Sewer Line Clogs

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While most homeowners enjoy spending time and money to improve their home's comfort or value, few look forward to dealing with unexpected repair or maintenance issues, especially when the problem may concern the sewer lines of the home. The average family uses hundreds of gallons of water each week for bathing, laundry, cleaning, and cooking, most of which must pass unrestricted through fully functional sewer lines. Homeowners who are beginning to experience issues that may indicate a developing sewer line problem will find the following information helpful in successfully resolving it. 

Common signs of a developing problem

Clogs that occur only once or infrequently are usually indicative of a sewer line clog. When a sewer line clog is forming, families will typically experience more than one usage problem throughout the home. For example, a toilet may require multiple flushes in one bathroom around the same time that the kitchen sink, bathtub, or washing machine struggles to drain correctly. 

In addition to these issues, families may also notice unfamiliar noises that seem to originate from the plumbing fixtures or drains, such as gurgling or burping noises. Odors can also foretell the presence of a clogged sewer line, as wastewater fills the sewer line and begins to back up into the drains inside the home. 

Conditions outside the home can also provide clues that point to a clog that is forming inside the sewer line. If the clog is severe, wastewater may have backed up enough to be visible inside the cleanout openings in the sewer line. If the clog is due to root growth inside the sewer line or damage to the pipe, there may be areas of standing water or damp soil, as well as unpleasant odors. 

Practical advice for correcting clogged sewer lines

Homeowners who suspect they are dealing with a clogged sewer line will need to have the line inspected to determine the location and cause of the clog. In some instances, a simple sewer line cleaning process will be enough to restore proper function. However, if the pipe has become damaged, repair or replacement of one or more sections of pipe may be necessary. 

Keeping your home and property safe from the potential damage and inconvenience that can occur when clogs form in the sewer line is an important part of responsible home ownership. To learn more about clogged sewer lines or schedule an appointment for a sewer line inspection, contact a clogged sewer line cleaning service in your area.