Maintaining a Safe Septic System

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Do You Need Septic Pumping Services? Here's What To Expect During The Pumping Process

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Plumbing leaks, roof issues, and flood damage can all affect your life differently. But if there is one thing that can truly send chills down your spine, it is a septic backup. Besides being smelly and filthy, septic backups expose your family to severe health complications and could damage your floor and walls. One of the best ways to prevent septic backups is to seek septic pumping services regularly. Here is what to expect during septic pumping.

1. Inspection 

Septic pumping experts show up with a tanker truck and vacuum equipment, but before they start work, they will want to inspect your tank to know what they are dealing with. This allows them to see the tank's size and the waste level and identify problems such as clogs and leaks that might pose a problem when pumping begins. With a full picture of your tank, the experts can devise a plan for quick, safe, and effective pumping.

2. Pumping

Now that the experts have understood the condition of your septic tank, the next step is to pump the waste. But before this, they will insert a muck-rake into the tank and stir the waste to break solids that might block the horse pipe. Next, they will insert the pipe into the tank and turn on the pump to start the emptying process. The pumping experts must keep stirring the waste with the muck-rake during the process for easier pumping. Also, they pay close attention to the septic tank's condition as waste reduces to help identify hidden issues.

3. Final Inspection

If the septic pumping experts are satisfied that your tank is adequately clean, it is time to stop the pumping and remove the hose and muckrake. However, they do not replace the lid right away. They have to do one last inspection. They will inspect the drain field, pipes, filters, and other septic system components. If any damage is identified, they investigate further and recommend solutions. The objective is always to leave your septic tank better than they found it.

4. Cleaning the Mess

After pumping, repair, and recommendations, the expert will carefully seal the septic tank to prevent the emission of harmful gases. Then, they will clean up any spills that might have occurred near the septic tank to ensure it does not pose health risks to your family. Before they leave, feel free to ask them for tips to take care of your septic tank to keep it functioning optimally for a long time. 

Hopefully, you have learned how septic pumping experts go out of their way to clean your septic tank thoroughly. Remember that a clean septic tank means a healthy and happy family. As such, you should quickly engage a reliable septic pumping company when your tank is due for a cleaning.