Maintaining a Safe Septic System

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What to Expect during a Professional Septic Tank Cleaning

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Septic tanks provide an effective way to remove waste from your home, but they require regular maintenance if they're to operate effectively. To ensure that your tank doesn't fail, it is advisable that you have it pumped out every few years. Specifically, hire the services of an experienced septic tank pumping expert to perform the exercise and determine optimal regularity. If you're having your tank cleaned for the first time, you might be anxious about what to expect after you schedule an appointment. Here are a few things you need to know:

Locating Your Tank

When the septic tank pumping experts visit your home, they start by assessing the location of your tank. It is prudent that you guide them to the tank's location so that they can conduct their inspection. You may not be familiar with the tank's positioning if you recently purchased your home. In such a case, the professional may ask to see the inspection documents that were provided when you purchased your home. This documentation will likely have a plan outlining the connection between your home and the septic tank.

Expect to Deal With Odors

During the septic tank cleaning, you should expect a foul odor that may begin to spread as soon as the pumping contractor removes the lid from the tank. Fortunately, the smell dissipates after the cleaning and once the tank has been closed. Keep in mind that throughout this process, no unpleasant odors enter your home via the drainage system. Nonetheless, closing all your windows and doors may help prevent the smell from getting into your home through these openings.

Dealing With Minor Damage to the Yard

During septic pumping, you don't have to worry about significant damage to your yard because the technicians don't need to uncover the entire tank. Notably, if the lid covering your tank doesn't have a noticeable riser, the technician will search for it using a prod and remove the earth above it. Moreover, if your tank's location is far from the paved surface, the truck may have to park in the yard, causing some disturbance.

Essential Precautions Prior to the Pump-Out

Before the septic pumping can begin, the cleaning expert will advise you to keep your children, pets, and other household members far from the tank. This measure prevents them from falling into the tank during the septic cleaning. The professionals also inspect the condition of your tank's lid. If they find that it has undergone significant wear and tear or is in any way compromised, the technician will need to replace it. Furthermore, they assess whether the waste is within the recommended levels before pumping to ensure that the tank's size is adequate for your household.

Scheduling a septic tank cleaning is crucial in ensuring that your tank doesn't fail, and this guide has expounded on some elements you will likely observe as professionals clean your tank.

For more information about septic tank cleaning, contact a local drain cleaning service.