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How You Can Make Money With A Portable Bathroom Service Truck

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If you don't own a portable toilet rental company, you might not really see much purpose in ever looking at portable bathroom service trucks. However, it is actually possible to simply purchase one of these trucks and to start your own business, once you learn how to use the truck and maintain portable restrooms and toilets. If you are a bit skeptical that you could make money from running one of these types of businesses, consider the following examples of ways that you could make an income once you own a portable bathroom service truck.

Visit Construction Sites

Many long-term construction sites — such as the sites where very large structures are being built — have long-term portable toilets set up. Contact a few contractors in your area to find out if they need someone to come out and clean out their portable toilets each week or on another set schedule while these building projects are going on.

Work With Event Venues

Some event venues, such as those that regularly host weddings and other parties and events, have portable bathrooms and toilets set up for the long-term. After all, this might make more sense than renting portable toilets each time that one is needed for an event, particularly if events are hosted every day or every weekend throughout the majority of the year. Of course, most event venues want to keep their grounds nice and clean; this helps ensure that people will actually want to book the venue, after all. If you contact some of the event venues in your area, you can find out about whether or not they need someone to come in with a bathroom service truck to clean out the portable toilets and bathrooms after each big event. 

Work With Local Campgrounds

Many campgrounds and other similar outdoor spaces have semi-permanent portable restrooms and portable toilets set up for visitors to use. Of course, these facilities need to be cleaned out regularly, particularly during busy times of the year, such as during the summer. If you have your own portable bathroom service truck, you can visit a few local campgrounds to find out whether or not they have portable bathrooms. If they do, you may want to ask someone who runs the campground about whether or not they need help with keeping these bathrooms clean. You could find that this is a great way to get a contract and to start making money. Plus, this can be a fun way to see some of the campgrounds and other outdoor spaces that might be available in your area.