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How Medication Impacts Your Septic Tank

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You need to be careful with what you put down your septic tank. Your septic tank can handle a lot of different things, but it is not made to break down everything. Your septic tank is not a recycling center or a garbage dump. It is made to break down human waste and filter water. It is not made to handle medication.

Medication in Human Waste

The most natural and normal way for medication to get into your septic tank is via human waste. When you take medication, not all of it is typically absorbed in your body. Generally, some of it comes out via your waste. The amount of medication that comes out via human waste varies from one person to the next, depending on how their body breaks down and absorbs the medication. Generally, the majority of medication is absorbed into your body; however, at least some of that medication comes out in your waste.

Medication Flushed Down the Toilet

Another way that medication gets into your septic tank is more intentional and strong. Many people take their unused medication and flush that medication down their toilets. Many people see this as a safe way to get rid of medication that they don't need and that they don't want their children or other family members to come in contact with.

When it comes to getting rid of your medication, you shouldn't flush it down the drain. You should take it to a pharmacy that can get rid of it in a proper manner.

Medication & Your Septic System

Medication does not have a positive impact on your septic system. The small amount of medication that enters your septic system via human waste is generally not enough to do any real harm to your septic tank. However, flushing medications down your toilet when they are full-strength can be really damaging to your septic tank. For example, antibiotics can kill the bacteria your septic system needs to function. Stronger drugs, such as chemotherapy drugs, can also kill the bacteria in your septic system.

Your septic tank can generally handle medication in human waste because the medication has already been significantly broken down. However, you shouldn't flush medication down your toilet or pour it down your sinks. The material in your medication can stop the balance of bacteria in your septic tank that allows material to be broken up and can cause your septic tank to malfunction. If you are concerned about the level of medication in your septic tank, hire a professional to test the bacteria balance and even out the bacteria balance if it is not set-up correctly.

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