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Do You Need Commercial Grease Trap Pumping? Questions To Ask When Hiring A Professional

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Your commercial grease trap must be routinely pumped to help ensure the trap is able to catch grease. If the trap gets too full, it will not be able to catch grease. This can cause grease to go down your drain or prevent water from flowing to the drain. If you have never hired a commercial grease trap pumping company, like Mountain Valley Pumping, there are many important questions to ask a company prior to hiring them. You likely already know some of the questions to ask, such as asking if they are licensed and insured and what they charge. But there are a few other questions that you should also be asking prior to hiring a commercial grease trap pumping company. 

Do You Offer After-Hours or Emergency Services As Well? 

Routinely cleaning your grease pump is the best way to prevent it from becoming too full and causing problems. Unfortunately, not every business can have their grease pump cleaned during normal business hours, nor will routine cleaning prevent every issue. As such, it may be beneficial to you to find a company that offers after-hours pumping and emergency services to help ensure you can get the pumping you need at a time that works best for your business. 

Can You Help With the Odor Within the Grease Trap?

Another question to ask when it comes to hiring a commercial grease trap pumping company is whether they help with the odor within the grease trap and how they help with that. Your grease trap can begin to smell funky thanks to the grease that sits within the system until it is pumped. Some companies offer odor removal services or devices that help control the odor, while others may not. If the scent is an issue, this is an important question to ask. 

How Do You Clean the Commercial Grease Trap? 

The final question you want to ask when you are hiring a commercial grease trap pumping company is how they clean the grease trap. The grease trap should be pumped to remove the majority of the grease. However, a small amount of grease may remain because it is hardened or embedded in the trap. Finding a company that scrapes or sprays the grease away helps to ensure the trap is completely clean. 

Asking each of these questions, along with the standard questions that you likely already know to ask, will help you find a commercial grease trap pumping company that is ideal for your needs. Get in touch with commercial grease trap pumping companies today to ask them these questions and set up an appointment.