Maintaining a Safe Septic System

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Is It Time For Septic Tank Pumping?

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Any owner of a septic tank knows that the tank needs the sewage removed from time to time, which will remove all of the solid waste that is filling the tank and no longer allowing more waste to enter. However, knowing that it's time for a septic tank pumping is not as easy as looking at a gauge and seeing how full it is. You need to look for the warning signs that the tank has reached its maximum capacity

Slow Moving Drains

Don't make the assumption that slow-moving drains are due to a simple clog that can be fixed with a plunger. It is likely that slow-moving drains are the result of a septic tank that is full. The best way to identify this issue is by looking at which drains inside your home are causing problems. Do all the drains on the first floor move slowly while the drains on the second floor are just fine? This is due to the drains closest to the septic tank feeling the effects the most. This is one problem that you need to solve by calling a septic tank pumping company.

Strong Odors

It is not normal to have odors around your home when you have a septic tank, but they can happen both inside and outside of your house. If the odor is outside, it means that the sewage from inside the tank is leaking out of it and getting into the ground. If you smell the odors inside, you have sewage that is backing up through the drain pipes and seeping indoors. The odors are not only an annoyance to deal with, but they are also a health concern for everyone living in your home. Sewage odors are toxic and may cause respiratory problems.

Plant Growth

Take a look at the area of your yard where the drain field is located. If sewage is leaking out of your tank, chances are that the plants above the drain field are thriving. You may notice faster grass growth and flowers that are taller and blooming. That sewage is acting as a natural fertilizer, which may be good for your plants but is not good for your home.

When in doubt about the need to have a septic tank pumped, reach out to a local septic tank pumping service like Economy  Septic Service. They'll be able to inspect the tank, tell you if there are any other problems, and remove the excess sewage.