Maintaining a Safe Septic System

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Common Issues That Indicate A Problem With Your Septic System

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If you have a septic system that manages the wastewater coming out of your home, you'll want to have routine septic service scheduled for your system. Your tank should be pumped out roughly every other year. Sometimes you'll need more frequent service if you have more people in your home than normal and your system is getting overused. There are a number of common issues that you may discover when your septic system is not able to manage the wastewater coming from your home. Whether you have puddles forming and there hasn't been any rain or your drains are all going slowly, it's time to call residential septic services when you have a problem.

When Water Accumulates On Your Lawn

When you find puddles on your lawn and there hasn't been any rain, this could be due to a septic system failure. When your leach field gets overwhelmed with wastewater, this water rises to the surface of your lawn. You may notice an odor, that further points towards a problem with your septic system. Contact your septic service right away if you have standing wastewater in your yard.

If Your Drains Aren't Working Properly

You may notice that your toilet bubbles when you flush it or your drains take a long time to drain. This usually means there is a clog of some type. If the pipe between your septic tank and your home is clogged, your drains will go slowly. In addition, if your septic tank is full this will cause the same problem. When you ignore this issue, eventually you will have wastewater come back up into your home. Avoid a mess and get the help you need when your drains are working correctly.

Your Property Has an Odor

When your septic system is not functioning correctly, you may notice an odor both inside and outside your home. If your yard smells or you can smell wastewater in your drains, you are going to need to have help with your septic system. While there are times you may simply need to have your system cleaned out, other times you may need to have your septic system replaced because of a system failure.

If you notice a strange odor or you are having trouble with more than one drain in your home, it's time to suspect your septic system. Residential septic services can help you determine what is going on and provide you with a solution to take care of the problem.