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Single Portable Toilet Rentals: Smart Small-Scale Uses for This Hygiene Option

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When most people consider the rental of a portable toilet, they are probably thinking of the hygiene needs created by some type of crowd. Family reunions, outdoor weddings, and construction sites all routinely choose to make their guests and employees comfortable by providing portable toilets to take care of their hygiene needs. But there are many other situations that are perfect for the rental of just one of these convenient, fully self-contained units. If you are curious about how the rental of a single portable toilet could improve your life, here are a few examples.

The bathroom remodel

Remodeling the home bathroom (or performing any major plumbing repair) can cause havoc in your home simply because using the bathroom is difficult or impossible during some stages of the project. If the remodeling project is a large one, it can interrupt normal bathroom use for days or even weeks. When this happens, homeowners can call for the delivery of a portable toilet to be placed in an area that will be private and convenient for family members to use until normal bathroom usage can be resumed. 

The not-so-rough camping trip

Many families thoroughly enjoy rugged camping trips that take them away from the conveniences of a public campground and instead let them enjoy the forest, lakeshore, or riverside location of their dreams. But choosing a secluded rough camping site can have a few problems, one of which is the lack of a safe, comfortable bathroom facility. 

By scheduling delivery of a portable toilet, however, even a very secluded campsite can feel much more comfortable. If your camping party includes children and older adults, opting to use a portable toilet rental can also offer a safer, more hygienic toileting experience than attempting to use the shovel method. 

The backyard scouting sleepover

Another activity that can be improved with the rental of a portable toilet is the backyard scouting sleepover. Host parents who take this suggestion will enjoy a more restful sleep without a dozen or more scouts traipsing through the house to use the bathroom at all hours of the night. In addition, any scouts who are a bit shy or reluctant to leave the area of their tent at night will feel more comfortable using a portable toilet located near their tent.

To learn even more about the many reasons that exist for the rental of a single portable toilet, contact the customer service professional of your local portable toilet rental service today.