Maintaining a Safe Septic System

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Tread Carefully Around Exposed Septic-Tank Raw Sewage

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A damaged, leaking, or overflowing septic tank brings with it a host of potential health hazards. The foul smell and raw sewage coming from a septic tank present more than just gross inconveniences. Exposure to the bacteria found in the raw sewage is downright dangerous. Taking steps to safeguard one's health is critical the minute a septic tank's contents are no longer contained.

The Dangers of Untreated Sewage

The untreated sewage in a septic tank can contain bacteria, parasites, and viruses. The sewage may also be home to E. Coli bacteria. Touching the sewage is absolutely not recommended, so if the ground starts to get mysteriously muddy, and foul smells are coming from the mud, be very worried about a disastrous health hazard arising. Contacting a septic-tank installation and repair service such as AMERICAN SEPTIC SERVICES LLC to immediately visit the site to handle the emerging biohazard disaster is strongly recommended. If the repair service cannot come out right away, extra steps are necessary to safeguard health.

Exterior Septic-Leak Concerns

As an underground septic tank leaks outside, concerns may arise over the bacteria rising into the air. Keeping windows and doors closed makes it a bit harder for airborne bacteria to come into the home from the outside. Absolutely do not try and mop up the muddy water. The continual leak from the tank means mopping up would be a futile effort. This is to say nothing of the health hazard associated with coming into contact with the water.

Dangers of Interior Backups

A septic backup inside a bathroom creates a disastrous situation since the chances of raw-sewage exposure increase immensely when this happens. Avoid any ill-advised DIY plunger work. Stay out of the bathroom and keep the door closed. Homeowners should consider the incident a serious emergency and exit the property. Call the septic repair services company from the fresh-air environment of the front lawn. If the service cannot come out right away, it might be best to stay in a local motel. A homeowner's insurance policy may even cover "loss of use" and pay a portion of motel and other fees until the issue is addressed.

Preventive Inspections and Repair Help

Regular inspections of septic-tank systems do help keep minor problems from turning into leaks and backups. Of course, the inspection offers the opportunity to make the necessary repairs when they are minor. By fixing small repairs, major leaks and exposure hazards may be completely avoided.