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4 Signs Your Septic Tank Is Failing

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Is your septic tank failing? This problem occurs due to debris caught in the tank or damaging the piping, in most cases. Catching the problem early will not only save you money but protect your property and valuables. Here are four signs that your septic tank is failing.

1. The Smell or Sight of Sewage

Have a look at your toilets or drains. Do you see or smell sewage? You will usually see black liquid if it is a problem, and often smell it first. While the toilets are common areas first, you may also see the liquid in your sinks or shower drains and smell odors in the kitchen, as well as the bathroom. These sights and smells are among the first you'll notice in the home when there is a problem with the septic tank, and most commonly lead to people inspecting the problem and calling for help.

2. An Overflowing Tank

Another common symptom is your septic tank overflowing. The debris or broken pipes lead to backed up systems and often mean the fluid has nowhere to go. It will seep out where it can.

In some cases, the overflow won't be from the top of the tank, but through a pipe nearby. This leads to the third symptom of a failing septic tank.

3. Wet Patches or Problems With the Ground

When the pipes are the source of the backlog of fluid, the fluid will seep through into the area surrounding them. This can lead to wet patches and waterlogged sections in the ground around. You'll usually feel the problem underfoot or smell it when close by.

Other problems you'll notice are the ground being contaminated and algae forming due to the bacteria growth. The latter is very common when the septic tank is close to some form of water, as the contaminants react with the nutrients in the water.

4. Gurgling Sounds When Running Water

When the water normally runs, you shouldn't hear anything gurgle within the pipes. This sound is a sign that your septic tank has failed and the contaminated fluid is now within the pipes. You may also hear it when the toilet flushes, and it may be accompanied by the smell mentioned above before you start seeing other signs in the home.

Look after your septic tank. Contamination with your water source will lead to health problems. If it has been affected by debris or damaged pipes, it will cause a backup and failure. Knowing the signs will mean you can get help before it becomes a major problem for your whole home.

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