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Have A Grease Trap Attached To Your Lift Station? 4 Ways That Trap Cleaning Will Benefit Your Business

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If you own a restaurant, you owe it to yourself to keep the grease trap clean. If you're not sure what the grease trap is, it's the underground compartment that prevent grease from getting through to the lift station. A poorly maintained grease trap can allow grease to enter the lift station, which can cause waste water to back up into your restaurant. In addition, there are several other problems that a dirty grease trap can cause. Here are four reasons why you should keep your grease trap clean.

Prevents Grease from Building up on the Floor

All the grease and oil that you use in your restaurant gets emptied into your grease trap. Over time, your grease trap can overflow, especially if it's not serviced often enough. Once the grease tank overflows, the excess grease and oils will spill out on to your kitchen floor. When that happens, your floor becomes a safety hazard for your employees. You can prevent slip and fall accidents by keeping your grease trap emptied.

Prevents Foul Odors in Your Restaurant

When oil and grease gets old, it develops a rancid smell. If you have an overfilled grease trap, you could be inviting foul odors into your restaurant. Unfortunately, those foul odors can drive your customers away, especially if the odors are filtering through your vents and filling the restaurant with the aroma of rancid oil and grease. To prevent foul odors, your grease trap should undergo routine maintenance.

Prevents Grease Fires

Part of the maintenance for your grease trap will include cleaning the grease vent over your cook station. Exhaust hoods can get caked with grease and oil. When that happens, they can become a target for grease fires. You can prevent fire hazards by having your exhaust hoods degreased each time you have your grease trap serviced.

Prevent FOG Contamination

If your restaurant is located in a city that enforces FOG regulations – fats, oils and grease – you'll need to ensure that you're not contaminating the local ground water through improper disposal of your fats, oils and grease. Dirty grease traps can allow fats, oils and grease to seep into municipal water supplies. You can prevent environmental harm by keeping your grease trap clean and sanitary.

If you own a restaurant, you need to keep your grease trap clean. The information provided here will help you understand how a clean grease trap and lift station maintenance can benefit you and your business.