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Understanding The Three Times When You Should NOT Have Your Septic Tank Pumped

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Having your septic tank pumped as needed is perhaps one of the single most important things that you can do to prolong the life and well-being of your home's septic system. Therefore, it is only natural to assume as a homeowner that anytime you have the septic tank pumped by a professional, it would be a good thing. However, there are actually times when having your septic tank pumped or emptied would be a bad idea, and this is something you should know. There are three main occasions when having your tank professionally pumped would be a bad idea.

1. The tank should not be pumped when you are planning to have your system inspected.

If you intend to have your septic system inspected at any time, it is best to not have the tank pumped in advance even though this may seem like a logical idea. It is impossible to properly assess the function of the system at its usual state once the septic tank has been cleaned. An inspector will not be able to assess whether there are drainage issues or leaks, which will make the inspection moot.

2. The tank should not be pumped if the structural soundness of the tank is questionable.

If you are not sure of the age or structural soundness of the septic tank on your property, it is never a good idea for a professional to just open it up and start removing the contents. If a tank is in a fragile state, removing the waste inside could cause the tank to collapse. As long as you entrust pumping to a true professional, they will take the time to test the soundness of the unit before they get started.

3. The tank should not be pumped if the area is flooded with water.

Pumping a septic tank during flooding or when there are high water levels on the property is never a good idea. This could lead to contamination of flood waters that would be a huge environmental concern for not just your property but others in the area as well. If the ground is saturated enough with water, the empty tank could actually break loose from its position and float, which can be a costly problem to have repaired. Additionally, floodwater and debris could flow back into the tank during pumping and will only make getting the tank clean a more difficult task.

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